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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day



Mother’s Day

A Day to express our love for our mothers and grandmothers

A day to show our appreciation for our mothers

A day to celebrate motherhood

1 Timothy 5:14

We want to have Godly mothers who are not ashamed of Jesus

Hannah – 1 Samuel 1:5-6

Hannah could not have children. She went to the temple and prayed for God to give her a child.

She would give Him to God if God granted her prayer.

God gave her a child who she named Samuel.

Samuel lived and grew at the temple and became a prophet for God.

Ruth – Grandmother of King David

Ruth 1:16-17

Ruth wanted to stay with Naomi, her mother in-law, out of love and devotion for her

Ruth was rewarded for her devotion. She had a son named Obed, who was a direct descendant of King David

Mary of Bethany – Luke 10:39

Mary wanted to do good by listening to Jesus at his feet in meekness

John 11 – Mary was also blessed when Jesus raised her brother Lazarus from the dead.

Rebecca – Wife of Issac and mother of Jacob

Genesis 24 – Rebecca becomes Isaac’s wife

Queen of Sheba – Mother of a Nation

 She came to see Solomon in his wealth and wisdom

She had heard of the fame of God concerning Solomon

1 Kings 10 – Visit to Solomon

She was an example of faith.

Lydia – a God-fearing woman

Acts 16:13-15

Woman of Canaan – A Gentile mother who had faith

Matthew 15:21-28

Pray for your family in need and other families in need

We need to be examples

Mothers need to be examples of God’s love and devotion

Speaker: Bro. Eugene Norris

Senior Pastor at Range Hills Baptist Church