My vision was to find a place in God’s service where I can be used by Him. The Ladies School Class, I looked around at each lady and saw such spiritual gifts they possessed along with experience and such a great love and a longing to learn more of His Word. I knew my hands were full in studying His Word. In order to share I knew myself I had to dig deeper in the scriptures. Oh, what a blessing for me, to share the Word with such loving sisters in Christ; sharing praises, being in unity, sharing prayer requests of friends and family. From children to Adults-WOW-Still studying God’s Word and we want to be more mature disciples in Jesus Christ. Come worship with us. Let us tell everyone we come in contact with just how much we love Him and just how much He loves us. John 3:16 tells how much He love us and about his gracious gift. So if you want a blessing, come join us in serving the Lord.

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